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Watch the Story Trailer for The Last of Us Part II and avoid having everything spoiled for you

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If you’re one of those lucky folks that managed to dodge all the leaked spoilers for The Last of Us Part II or were simply just wise enough to distance yourself from any potentially unpleasant Internet Professionally Angry Ruiners of Fun™ who love to dunk on other people’s enjoyment, then Naughty Dog has a small reward for your diligence. At least, that’s what I like to think this latest trailer acts as, besides the obvious advertisement for the game. Dropped last night, the story trailer for The Last of Us Part II focuses on Ellie and her quest to do…something.

I’ve managed to avoid all the spoilers, so what her exact goal eludes me but the trailer is certainly more about her journey than anything else. We get a few snippets of gameplay here and there, showing off some of the game’s brutally desperate combat systems while also being shown several clips of some of the assumedly bountiful cutscenes that will populate the game. Returning characters, new faces and some rather villainous chaps who love knives, throats and uniting their two passions. Was it just me, or were there lots of knives held against throats in this trailer?


The Last of Us Part II will be with us on June 19 and is sure to set a new standard for graphical quality on the PlayStation 4. Just look at it, guys. If you’d told me that was running on a PS5, I would have believed you without a question. Oh, but you know what you definitely shouldn’t look at? The spoiler-filled comment section of anything related to this video. Just be safe, there’s not much longer to wait now. Delayed gratification!

Last Updated: May 7, 2020

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