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We have the Borderlands 2 DLC video

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The latest Borderlands 2 DLC is going to be called, Psycho Pack, and will include an all new character for you to try out as well as some new enemies to take down.

Borderlands 2 was our Game of the Year last year and one of the best parts about it is that the DLC is always substantial and keeps the game fresh and exciting.

In fact the only reason I’m not active on the game anymore is simply because my copy was stolen in the last robbery, but I’m very tempted to go pick up another copy so I can play as the Psycho.

Check out the video below, but be quick about it as it is being taken down all over the place.

Did you spot one of the new enemy characters? This guy.


So are you still roaming the bad lands collecting loot or has the magic of Borderlands 2 worn off you by now?

Last Updated: May 13, 2013

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