What will the local price of the Xbox One be?

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So late yesterday local retailer AWX were the first local retailer to show an expected price for the Xbox One – and it has made a few people cry in the corner.

As ITFGaming reported the AWX pre-order price is R7100 if you want to drop some cash down at them to get your console on day one…of a South African launch.

But Microsoft SA themselves don’t know what price the Xbox One will be locally yet so it’s obvious that AWX has just put some guesses together and picked a number out of thin air. So let’s take a look at what we know and see if the AWX price is even remotely close to what we can expect to pay locally.

To do this I’m looking at what the current generation consoles cost locally and in the UK and US to see where we comparatively price. Remember the US prices exclude tax

Console UK Price US Price Local Price
Xbox 360 4Gb + Kinect £249.99 (R3743) $299 (R2930) R3779
250Gb + Forza £199.99 (R2991) $299 (R2930) R3324
Xbox 360 4Gb standard £149.99 (R2240) $199 (R1951) R1999

So in essence we are generally looking at a price of equal to the UK and R500 more than the US as rough maths goes.

So how much is the Xbox One?

Console UK Price US Price Local Price
Xbox One £429 (R6500) R4891 R6500

It’s not often that the UK price and US price are so different but if we can take the last generation prices compared to the US and UK then we are looking at a local price in the range on R5500 to R6500. With our local Microsoft office trying to push gaming quite hard I would be surprised if the console breaks the R6500 mark. So where did AWX get their price of R7100 from?

Well they’d be crucified if they said R6200 and then had to phone people to say it’s actually R1000 more so I’m guessing they headed straight to worst case scenario which is the UK price + 10% We also do have great bundle deals going like this Xbox 360 320Gb with 3 titles for R2899 (£192) which is cheaper than both the UK and US prices so it really isn’t all doom and gloom.

Last Updated: July 30, 2013

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