Wii prices explode in SA!

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A local blogger, who is known by some as The Puppy Stuffer, sniffed out the story a few days ago that Wii prices were going to be going up in South Africa.

Today, people on the tidemedia forums are confirming that they have indeed seen that Nintendo Wii’s are now selling in stores for as much as R3,699.00! The price increase is borderlining on absolute insanity if you take into account that it is essentially a Gamecube with a peripheral, which means that production costs should be very low at this late stage of it’s hardwares’ technology.

Rumour has it that Core (Who are responsible for Nintendo in South Africa) had to put up the prices due to the cost of importing. Regardless, I still think that this price hike is crazy and that the Nintendo console should not be selling for such a high price. If possible, we will try and get an official statement from Core and post it up on the site.

I was considering picking a Wii up for myself soon, but with a price like that I will be more than happy to brush it off because for not much more I could get a PS3 instead.

Source: The PuppyStuffer Blog

[Ed] We actuall reported this on the 1st of April but I guess a reminder isn’t the worst idea

Last Updated: May 28, 2008

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