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Will you ever play Rise of the Tomb Raider on PS4?

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Up until yesterday, the answer to that question was “probably.”At Gamescom, Microsoft announced that Lara Croft’s next grand adventure would debut exclusively on Microsoft platforms in 2015. The wording was particular; hinting that there was a timed exclusivity. It’s something Phil Spencer confirmed in interviews.

“I have Tomb Raider shipping next holiday exclusively on Xbox,” Spencer told Eurogamer in August. “It is Xbox 360 and Xbox One. I’m not trying to fake anybody out in terms of where this thing is. What they do with the franchise in the long run is not mine. I don’t control it. So all I can talk about is the deal I have. I don’t know where else Tomb Raider goes.”

On whether the exclusivity was timed, Spencer replied with:

“Yes, the deal has a duration. I didn’t buy it. I don’t own the franchise.”

Yesterday, Microsoft let the world know that it was indeed publishing Tomb Raider, and financially helping with development and marketing. Following tweets from executive Aaron Greenberg, Microsoft issued the following statement.,

“Yes, Microsoft will be publishing Rise of the Tomb Raider on Xbox,” a Microsoft spokesperson said. “Similar to how we worked with Capcom on Dead Rising 3 or Harmonix on Dance Central, we’re very excited to partner with the amazing team at Crystal Dynamics to bring Rise of the Tomb Raider in holiday 2015, exclusively to Xbox.

“Both our team and the Xbox community are huge fans of the franchise and we can’t wait to share more on the game in the future.”

Square Enix confirmed that Microsoft will be doing publishing duties.

“Yes, Microsoft will be publishing Rise of the Tomb Raider on Xbox. Microsoft has always seen huge potential in Tomb Raider and they will get behind this game with more support across development, marketing and retail than ever before, which we believe will be a step in continuing to build the Tomb Raider franchise as one of the biggest in gaming.”

You may notice that Dance Central and Dead Rising 3 are not on the PlayStation 4, but Dead Rising made its way to PC. It’s starting to look like Rise of the Tomb Raider will be exclusive to Microsoft platform for perpetuity. That may not be the case. If you’ll recall, Microsoft published and helped market and develop both Ninja Gaiden 2 and Mass Effect. It took a while, but both games made their way to the PlayStation 3. the same may happen for Tomb Raider, and later on, we may even see Street Fighter V on Xbox One.

Last Updated: December 10, 2014

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