Women more loyal gamers than men

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Overly attached girlfriend

Geez, women are naturally more committed – whether to relationships or gaming. Okay, that first part might not always be true considering what I see on TV, but at least the gaming part is. They spend more money, time and devotion on mobile games than men. Of course, it depends on the game.

According to new research by Flurry, females spend more time and more money on mobile games, and are also more loyal to the games. In fact, women make 31% more in-app purchases than men, spend 35% more time in game than men, and have a whopping 42% higher 7-day retention versus males.

Considering the ridiculous success of the Kim Kardashian game, the researchers were curious what types of games tended to attract (and retain) women. Not all games tend towards female adoption, but there are certainly plenty that do. Here’s the graph:

Female vs Male Gamers Time

As you can see, men tend towards the card/battle games (blame your penis for your Hearthstone addiction) while women dominate in the management/simulation, solitaire and slots department. Looking at this, I must be a strange kind of woman – I love management/sim games, as well as strategy and tower defense. Still, it’s interesting to realize that it’s not just about impulse shopping in games – women stick with their games, continuing to make in-app purchases because they’ve made a time commitment to a game. Men seem more inclined to play a game for a short while, become disinterested and move on to the next one, while women stick with it much longer. I wonder if the same is true of other forms of gaming. Are more women completionists with games? Do women have smaller backlogs than men?

Do you think these findings are true? Do you think gender does change the way people play games, or is it just all about individual temperaments?

Last Updated: August 8, 2014

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