Work Avoidance Wednesday – Google Maps Pac-Man

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lolol my home address I wonder if I will get any stalkers

Wednesday – that day in the middle of the week that makes the weekend looks so close, BUT IT’S NOT! Get back to work fools, there’s nothing to see here!

Sorry, that was just in case your boss was reading over your shoulder or something. Like we’d turn you away from the prospect of skimping on productivity! Step right up, for April Fools has a neat game that will help you whittle away those bleak work hours one pill dot at a time.

In case you’ve somehow not seen this news all over your Twitter/Facebook/Socal media of choice, say hello to Google Maps Pac-Man. That’s right, Google have used the power of sorcery to turn all of their road visuals into a giant game of Pac-Man! To play, you just need to head on over to Google Maps, punch in a location, and you’re off!


The world is quite literally your playground now. I tried a bunch of locations to see which one would provide the biggest challenge. I even stooped so low as to ask Sandy what part of Benoni he is from. It proved to be too much of a challenge for Google it seems.


And Sandy had us believing that he lived in the “nice” part of Benoni*. Nevertheless, there are some rather neat areas that make for even greater Pac-mazes. My house unfortunately was rather boring, but I browsed the map at random and stumbled onto this gem.


What was the most difficult maze you could find? Is your place of residence a breeze, or is it packed with twisted roads that upped the difficulty tenfold? Give it a bash and drop your screenshots below!

*please don’t hurt me if you’re from Benoni.

Last Updated: April 1, 2015

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