Work Avoidance Wednesday: Papa’s Taco Mia!

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It’s gray and dreary in Joburg today, perfect weather to hope for rain and play games all day. Even while at work. In order to help you out in that regard, here is our pick of awesomely addictive time wasting fun for the office.

It seems Papa has a whole chain of restaurants. It started with a pizzeria, moved on to an ice cream parlour and burger joint – even a pancake house. There are so many, but here is my favourite that makes me hungry every time that I play it – Papa’s Taco Mia!

Taco mia order

The game is all about time management. You need to take orders from customers, cook the food to perfection, build the ideal taco and serve it up, all quick enough that your customer doesn’t decide to go postal while waiting. It’s fun, stressful and might trigger some OCD in those who are so inclined.

Taco mia grill

I recommend saving up cash for certain upgrades first – a bell so that you know when someone is waiting to give their order, and an alarm to say when the food on the grill has been cooked. It makes a world of difference and allows you to multitask in relative peace.

Taco mia build

I never thought I would, but overtime I came to learn each customer’s order, knowing what I would be making without even looking at their ticket. Of course, with new customers being introduced every day, it doesn’t really make the game any easier. That comes with upgrades to make people more patient, or more accommodating when you don’t get the build quite right – why can’t the jalapeños fall at the same rate as other toppings?

Taco mia serve

I’d tell you more about the game, but I have to go make some tacos for real now. So hungry. This is where my Cook, Serve, Delicious! tendencies came from, I’m sure.

Last Updated: October 15, 2014

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