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Xbox 360 to get a Blu-Ray drive?

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And this old chestnut of a rumour is back and better than ever, okay not better than ever really as it’s just the same as ever.

According to a new rumour started by the Italian Xbox 360 mag we are about to see Microsoft release a Blu-Ray peripheral for all us existing customers to buy and then they’ll also be selling a Blu-Ray enabled console for the lucky new owners.

Unfortunately the chances of this rumour are slim to none and we all know where slim just went.

The fact is that Microsoft releasing a Blu-Ray enabled console would do nothing to help their brand and would simply give Sony a higher pedestal to shout from. Not to mention the new problems that a Blu-Ray drive would present with the obligatory mandatory installs being forced onto Xbox 360 owners thanks to the lack of speed of the Blu-Ray drives.

Yes Microsoft may release a Blu-Ray movie player add-on, still highly unlikely but it may happen, but you can be assured that games aren’t going to be arriving via Blu-Ray on the Xbox 360. Ever.

So would you buy a Blu-Ray add on for your Xbox 360 or is this the worst rumour of 2011

Source: Sillegamer

Last Updated: September 8, 2011

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