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Xbox One and PS4 are close, but Kinect still sucks

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The usually rather frank tech-head and designer from id games, John Carmack has said that the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 are very close in performance; “essentially the same.”  He has less kind words for Kinect, even in its updated form.

He’s slightly less than frank discussing the Xbox One and PS4 though; speaking at Quakecon, Carmack only said that while he says he hasn’t done enough thorough  benchmarking to declare an outright winner betwixt PS4 and Xbox One, he does believe that they “very close” and that “they’re both very good.”

I’m not sure if he’s just being diplomatic, though I’m inclined to believe that both of the next gen consoles really are very similarly capable. I’m also more inclined to believe him based on what he’s said about Kinect.

It’s “sort of like a zero-button mouse with a lot of latency…,” he said “Kinect still has some fundamental limitations with the latency and framerate… It’s fundamentally a poor interaction.”

That’s pretty much what most gamers have been saying since the thing was introduced – and it’s nice to have a developer say as much.

Last Updated: August 2, 2013

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