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Xbox One introduces 60fps gameplay recordings

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Xbox One introduces 60fps gameplay recordings 2

Easily recording and uploading gameplay is definitely one of the best upgrades of this console generation, where as before we used external devices such as Tegato and the like we can now easily record entire matches and then upload them to YouTube afterwards in stunning 1080p and 30fps.

However YouTube recently – about 10 months ago –  added the ability to upload videos in 60fps and since then the fans of both consoles have been requesting that they are upgraded to allow for 60fps 1080p recording – but it looks like Microsoft will be first out the gate.

According to icxm the current Xbox One beta preview group have just received a new update and it includes the ability to record and upload games at that sweet frame rate.

YouTube user, L’épée Légendaire, has uploaded some Call of Duty footage at 60fps and it really does look so much better than the standard footage we get to see.

You are likely going to need to change the quality by clicking on the gear cog if your internet is playing up like mine today.

And then you will also see the slight downside as the quality is only 720p and not the glorious 1080p that everyone says we need.

Part of this could be that Advanced Warfare only runs at 900p on the Xbox One but it could also be a limitation of the recording as 60fps at 1080p is going to need an incredibly large amount of hard drive space to store any decent amount of footage.

While this is all still in the preview beta, nothing is officially confirmed but it is definitely a step in the right direction.

Last Updated: May 6, 2015

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