Xbox One will launch 4 September

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We have been desperately waiting for a launch date for the Xbox One ever since we found out that South Africa was not included under the UK’s umbrella for the initial launch. I have been itching to get my fingers on those vibrating triggers, and it seems we finally have a date to mark in our calendars. Maybe.

Microsoft has given an official date for the launch of the Xbox One, in Japan. However, the wording of the press release is such that it appears as thought it might be the date for the other 26 countries that are getting the new console that month. Here’s what Google Translate was able to give me from that press release:

Xbox One” has been released in 13 countries from November 2013, and is expected to be newly released in 26 countries, including Japan in September 2014. […] Japan Release Date: September 4, 2014 (Thursday)

I’m not the only one reading this as a launch date for all 26 countries slated for September release – Polygon also reported that Microsoft’s console will launch in Japan and 25 other countries on 4 September. Of course, the press release only specifically names Japan as having a launch then, so we might be the week after or something. I’ve reached out to our local Microsoft representatives to get confirmation, and I will let you know more as soon as I hear back.

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Of course, the push of the press release was about Japan and all the companies who are jumping on board to make regionally specific games. Well done for them, although I wonder how much they will be able to penetrate that market – it is traditionally Sony territory, and they are launching seven months after the PS4 launched. It will be even more difficult for them here in South Africa – they will be launching almost 10 months to the day after the PlayStation 4. Is it too long a delay? Will all the Xbox 360 owners have converted to PS4 by then? I’m probably going to get both next generation consoles, but for those who will only opt for one of them, has the decision already been made?

Last Updated: April 23, 2014

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