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Xbox Snap feature is for gaming multi-taskers

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When I play games, I like to get immersed in the experience and enjoy the game. I’m not even entirely convinced about that whole “second screen” idea. However, there are apparently gamers who like to browse the internet or watch YouTube or TV while playing. For them, there’s Xbox Snap.

Here is a video of Yusuf Mehdi playing with the Snap feature:

For those of you who don’t watch videos, it begins with him playing Forza and commanding the Xbox to Snap the activity feed. This is followed by snapping Internet Explorer and later YouTube. Snap splits out about a quarter of the screen to show these other activities. The good news is that the voice commands seem to work pretty easily, and the functionality seems intuitive and well done.

I’m just wondering if this is really great for gaming. Will people have a YouTube video walkthrough playing through Snap while attempting the game themselves? Or will they try to split their attention between watching the big game and playing COD?

Honestly, I think the Snap function is more for use while using other Xbox features, like watching TV or doing Skype chat. I can’t imagine many gamers making use of this – just look at how poorly Mehdi drives in Forza while multi-tasking! Then again, gamers never fail to surprise me. Do you think you’d like to multitask like this, or do you prefer to focus on the task at hand?

Last Updated: November 13, 2013

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