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It’s expensive to be a gamer in Brazil. When the PS3 launched there, it was seriously over priced, and now it seems that we’re going to see the same with the PS4. Even with Rand exchange rates, we aren’t suffering as much as these poor bastards. 

According to the Brazilian Playstation Blog, the PS4 will retail for $3 999 Real. That’s $1 850 or R18 186. And to think, I am worried about affording next gen consoles at a third of that price! It looks like Microsoft will corner the Brazilian market – the Xbox One is the more affordable option, retailing at $2 200 Real or $1 000. So this is why there are so many Brazilian PC gamers on the Dota 2 servers – they have to play on PC because console is just too expensive.

Suddenly, I feel a lot better about the console prices here in South Africa. I’m still not sure I will afford to buy at launch, but at least I’d only need to go without food or electrify for a month to pay for it. What do you think of the costs of next generation consoles? Considering they last for so many years, most consoles are worth the investment. But wow, that upfront investment is quite something. Still, another reason to be grateful I don’t live in Brazil, over and above my fear of these things.

Last Updated: October 18, 2013

was reviewed on PC

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