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What is this 30-50 Feral Hogs stuff and why won’t the Internet shut up about it?

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30-50 feral hogs

Feral hogs are in your neighbourhood right now. They’re grunting around, oinking for blood and may the most kosher of deities have mercy on your soul if they find your children playing in the yard. If you’ve logged on to the Internet today, you’ve probably been met with memes and tweets detailing feral hogs of an approximate 30-50 in number, running rampant and causing a mess that only guns can solve.

So what’s the origin of this particular species? Where did the Feral Hogs meme originate from? It all started on Twitter when Jason Isbell made an exceptionally salient point regarding the recent back to back mass murders committed by domestic terrorists in the US of A over the weekend, as America is once again caught between two opposing schools of thought:

People who believe that common-sense gun legislation could help save lives and those people who think that those gosh-darn pansy liberals want muh gunz so that the Government can take over or some other baloney excuse that allows them to purchase assault rifles without any real oversight whatsoever:

The tweet blew up, and eventually this response was lobbed at Isbell:

The more you read it, the weirder it gets and naturally the Internet hopped on this with gusto and started dishing out memes quicker than you could even read the original tweet:

The weird thing is, is that McNabb had a valid point. Speaking to GQ,  Keith Stephens from the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission explained that herds (or sounders) of the wild swine do exist and while a gang of around 30-50 feral hogs is rare it’s not unusual:

I guess it’s possible, but that’s very large. The typical size we see is usually less than 20. Mostly they destroy residential yards, agricultural crops, native habitat and ecosystems. hey’ve also been known to destroy cultural and historical sites such as cemeteries. They can carry diseases such as swine brucellosis and pseudorabies.

An actual threat then, but one that you shouldn’t handle on your own with an automatic rifle as that’s a job which should be left to the professionals. If they can rock up within three to five minutes of the original feral hog outbreak that is. Seen any good 30-50 Feral Hogs memes? Drop ‘em below as we all try to get through life by having a silly laugh.

Last Updated: August 6, 2019

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