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Hit or Miss: Does Pineapple really belong on pizza?

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It’s become a bit of an internet joke – a memetic bit of nonsense that gets shared about on the internet. And that’s exactly how I treated it, joking suggesting that for this week’s Hit or Miss we talk about whether or not pineapple actually belongs on pizza. Expecting a chuckle, and for the team to move on to something a little more serious, it ended up being a heated discussion about pizza toppings that lasted for way longer than any discussion about the stuff that goes on top of a disc of bread covered with cheese rightly should.

Sure, it diverged a little, and moved on to whether or not Debonairs can even rightfully be considered pizza – but it all started with that sweet and sour tropical fruit.

While it’s a little more accepted here in South Africa than in much the rest of the world thanks to the Hawaiian being a firm favourite for decades, there are many people who can’t even fathom the thought of pineapple being a worthwhile topping on pizza. They’re convinced that just by having the fruit in proximity of a pizza is enough to ruin the thing, making it inedible even if the offending fruit is picked off.

The Hawaiian is immeasurably popular not just here in South Africa, but also in Australia where it accounts for 15% of all pizza sales. Funnily enough, it was invented in Canada – so you can blame the folks with the maple leaf on the flag if you hate it.

Tell us though, what do you think of pineapple on pizza? If you hate us, tell us what your favoured toppings are.

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Last Updated: January 20, 2017

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