A new year, a new video review! By now, you’ve probably read Sandy’s words about the game. All hundreds and hundreds if them, Or you’ve thought to yourself, “testicles to that idea” and scrolled to the bottom for the review score. Still, if reading isn’t your thing, then maybe watching a review is. So here’s our first video review of the year then, for 2015’s first big release.

If you haven’t noticed yet, we’re doing something a bit different with the video review again. I’ve decided that having a critical chat about the game is a better way to handle a video review. It’s natural, it’s more organic and it doesn’t sound like we’re reading off of a script that is designed for whoever is involved to hit a certain buzzword limit. I hate doing a review where everything sounds forced, and I’m certain that’s something that most people would very easily pick up on. I’ve also briefly considered using my natural dialect when I talk, which sounds like Arnold Vosloo from Hard Target. And referring to everyone as Randall. But this idea was quickly voted down.

At the same time, I’m already seeing things in the video that I want to change. For instance, chatting to whoever is reviewing the game after we’ve had breakfast and happen to be alive, could make it pop better. Making the video a more manageable length, down from ten plus minutes to around five would also be better. As much as I love doing these videos, I only have so much time to dedicate to them, and these will most likely be done in my off-hours and on weekends.

And separating the review into several categories and focusing on them, also needs to be done. I’m always looking to improve on our video work, which as always, is meant for you guys. So please do throw some constructive/destructive criticism this way. But otherwise, that’s the template I’m sticking to for the review. Two guys (and sometimes a gal) having a frank, unscripted look at the game and throwing an arbitrary number on at the end.

Last Updated: February 2, 2015


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