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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII review round up

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There are a great many people rather excited for the next episode in the drawn out Fabula Nova Crystallis Final Fantasy subseries. I am, as I’ve pointed out numerous times in the past not one of them. If you’re one of the many straddling the fence about it, here’s a collection of the critical consensus for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII that could just sway your opinion.

There are just three reviews available as of writing, though that list will get longer soon; the embargo, as far as I’m aware, ends at 4pm today, South African time. Some are beyond embargo though. Here’s what they have to say.

First off, we have IGN, and according to their appraisal the game is well above average.

IGN – 7.0/10: Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is a strange end to Square’s trilogy. Its fresh combat system is a great success, and the well-designed world provides more than enough reason to play through the end of Lightning’s journey. At the same time, the incredibly inconsistent tone and underwhelming plot caused any story-based satisfaction to completely elude me. Lightning Returns is a good game, but one that forgets that a big part of what make the Final Fantasy games so memorable is how they created characters we could care about.

The Koalition seems to think it’s actually rather good.

The Koalition – 82/100: Even though there’s so much I love about the XIII series in-particular, part of me is glad to see the end; because as we move towards a completely new adventure in Final Fantasy XV, gamers will begin to ease off from claiming the Final Fantasy series has lost its appeal just because they didn’t enjoy XIII. In the end, Lightning has done her job as our savior and she has in affect ushered on the next wave of the Final Fantasy phenomenon.

And Metro believe it’s middling stuff.

Metro – 5.0/10: Compounded by the nonsensical script and one-dimensional characters it’s as if the game is specifically designed to feel as shallow and disconnected as possible. Lightning Returns might be an enjoyable enough folly for fans, but there’s very little here for anyone else. And it certainly offers no compelling glimpse of the franchise’s future, just a long list of things it should avoid doing again.

I’m actually glad the scores aren’t unanimously high. That would have forced me to play the game, and I’d probably end up repeatedly smashing my head in to a wall just hearing Vanille again. Thanks, Metro. You’ve just saved my life.

Last Updated: February 11, 2014

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