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A double dose of awesome is in store today as not only have we reviewed Rabbids Go Home but we are giving away that sweet looking bundle that we posted up yesterday to one lucky reader.

Back to the game. Let’s be honest here, how many of you guys actually switch your Wii on more than once a week? Or is it maybe month/year? The Rabbids have dropped Rayman entirely and are cruising around all by themselves now and wreaking havoc wherever they go but are they the new reason to give your Wii some loving playtime again?

Click through to read the full review and find out who the lucky winner is!

Rabbids Go Home is insane. When I say that, I mean that every time I play the game it felt like I was having a sugar rush. The Rabbids are loco and I mean seriously nuts. Firstly, they have decided that it’s a good idea to go to the moon, according to the cut scene, so that they can relax there.

The gameplay itself isn’t manically insane but rather runs at your own pace with the exception of a few timed areas. The insanity is kept to cutscenes and set pieces, allowing you to embrace the madness but not feel like you are playing a game that makes no sense.


Rabbids Go Home is tough to explain, from what I can tell it’s a Shopping-Trolley-Pushing-Stuff-Collecting-Human-Terrorising simulator.

You make your way through 40 different levels in the game, each with their own unique elements that gather up to present a bigger challenge as you get further. You control two Rabbids who are working together to push around a trolley and collect as much stuff as possible to build a tower to the moon.

You run around the levels collecting things lying around as well as scream at people (literally scaring the pants off of them) to collect their stuff as well as other objects that get in your way in order to just keep on going and keep collecting junk.

You also unlock and get very nifty options to customise your Rabbids. This means that you can tattoo them, spray paint them, change their eyeball size, give them accessories and so on and it actually adds a nice extra element to the game.


On that note, the visual style and artwork in Rabbids Go Home is fantastic. The Wii isn’t the most powerful console in the world but the style chosen for Rabbids keeps things pretty and gels well with what it has to work with, including some rather interesting cutscenes that leave you wondering what in the heck might be going through their heads.

Same goes for the sound, it’s crazy and interesting with insane trumpet music and a very interesting choice of real licensed music that runs in the shopping malls and elevators.


Rabbids Go Home was a great surprise for me. Not many games seem to really understand the Nintendo Wii but Rabbids Go Home is one of those that does. It feels crazy, it feels decently challenging but most of all it feels fun. And to me, that means just about everything.


Gameplay: 8.5

Fun platforming combined with junk collecting and some awesome trolley physics

Presentation: 8.5

Visuals that are fun and work well with the Nintendo Wii’s limitations

Sound: 8.5

Adds to the fun, simply nuts

Value: 8.0

40 levels to work through with tons of collectables.

Overall: 8.5

Fun, crazy and a good reason to play on you Nintendo Wii again.


Ok, it’s time to announce who the winner of our awesome Rabbids bundle goes to. We ran the entries through the randomizerer-er and this is what it said:


Our winner for the competition is a Mr. Warren Ferguson. Congratulations on winning and thanks to everyone for entering.

Will the winner please email me his full details (cell number very important for the couriers please) so that we can send you off your prize.

Last Updated: November 18, 2009

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