Disney Jumping Blu-Ray ship?

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Okay so maybe that is a bit sensationalist but what Disney did at the recent format steering committee has caused quite a ruckus in the Blu-Ray camp.

The meeting was going as usual and then the question of whether to allow the new 51GB HD-DVD as an official format came up, as usual all the Blu-Ray backers abstained from the vote and the HD-DVD and impartial backers said yes… However Disney, which has always been one of the strongest Blu-Ray backers, also decided to vote yes to the new format.

So are they thinking of becoming dual format? So far we have no comment but this is an interesting turn of events.

X-bit labs – Disney Votes for 51GB HD DVD Media Approval.

[Thanks to J4NR1K for the tip]

Last Updated: November 21, 2007

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