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Facebook is switching everyone over to their new UI next month

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Companies spend a lot of effort trying to design a UI that doesn’t just provide a great experience for their users, but also provides a unique look and feel that people can know they are using that site just by looking at it. Which is why we see companies embark on big UI changes so seldom and reluctantly. For Facebook, they’ve been prepping us for their biggest change yet with the removal of their iconic blue-ribbon bar at the top, which will officially become a thing of the past next month, according to the company’s Support Page.

Many people have had the option to trial out the new interface for a while now, which has perhaps received both positive and negative criticism depending on people’s preference of what functionality they value most. However, next month Facebook is going to move everyone over to its new UI, meaning they no longer need to keep track of changes across both.

If you haven’t made the change yet, this new look is easily the biggest that Facebook has ever embarked on, providing a lot more white space with a bigger focus on the service’s Groups features, as well as prominently displaying links to Facebook’s Watch, Marketplace, and Gaming sections in its top navigation bar. It’s a change that may be jarring at first, but you do quickly get used it and can easily find things that you previously used without too much difficult The use you get out of really only depends on how much you use those Facebook services or not. If all you’re doing is checking in on occasion t see hoe friends and family are doing, then the change is not going to be of much use to you and won’t change your experience in any way.

What the change does not do, is change Facebook’s data retention and usage policies, which are easily the biggest issue people have with the company. If you accept the fact that the company knows everything about you anyway, then nothing should change.

Last Updated: August 25, 2020

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