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Facebook launches a new app to keep couples connected

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This period of lockdown is either a blessing or a curse for couples. They are either thriving with all this extra time to spend together and drawing closer to one another through the experience or it’s maximising the issues in their relationship and this time together is only making them drift further apart. Whatever your relationship status is right now, Facebook has launched a  new app designed with couples in mind, called Tuned.

The idea behind Tuned is to keep partners connected in a social network that exists just between them – and the servers that will store all this information – allowing them to have a more private space to talk and share information with one another but still share that information in a way that only a social media network can. After all, some moments should stay special between just the two of you without the rest of the internet needing to know about it.

The app, as first spotted by The Information, connects to Spotify for music sharing and allows couples to send photos, notes, cards, and voice memos to one another. They can also use custom stickers and reactions. It’s free to use and doesn’t require a Facebook account, although users are subject to Facebook’s data rules, which means that the data people provide can be used for ad targeting.

Ultimately it seems like a bit of an unnecessary concept considering that the likes of WhatsApp already allow couples to share information with each other in a way that is already private and secure without getting bombarded by adverts, though with WhatsApp storing the information on your phones as opposed to a cloud server, it doesn’t allow for partners to keep track of important moments in their relationship. So if you’re in a relationship and you don’t mind invasive ads popping up from time to time in an attempt to sell you merchandise that may feel private to you, then I guess this could be the extra bit of connecting power that your relationship needs.

Last Updated: April 13, 2020

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