FFD: What are your PC weapons of choice?

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I got an interesting EEDAR report in my mailbox yesterday, all about which brands of peripherals PC gamers preferred. It featured the usual suspects; Razer, Logitech, MadCatz, Steelseries, Roccat and just about all the other big name PC gaming peripheral brands.

Interestingly, it seems that though Razer is seen as the most innovative of the lot, Logitech is the most owned – especially where gaming mice are concerned. Looking at the G500s on my desk, I find that stat easy to believe.

“Logitech was the most prevalent brand for gaming mouse owners, being owned by 5.6MM users or 40% or users who had a gaming mouse. Razer was the next most popular brand, with 31% of the market. Combined, the top two brands accounted for 71% of the market.”

The reason seems to be that Logitech offers the best ratio of features and value. When it comes to keyboards though, it seems gamers don’t really go in much for the flair and excess – with most gamers sticking to generic keyboards over expensive, fancy-schmancy ones. It seems you control-pad shunning PC gamers even prefer those over expensive gaming keyboards.

“Some 61% of the audience, or 21MM people, use General Keyboards compared to only 9MM that have Gaming Keyboards. Overall, Gaming Keyboards were the least prevalent peripheral, as even Gamepad Controllers (at 36% of the audience) were used more often.”

I happen to be rocking a Logitech keyboard, too – but it’s a pretty standard one, and not some fancy “gaming one.”

You tell us. What are your weapons of choice? What brands do you favour for your peripherals? Why?

Last Updated: May 8, 2015

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