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Jeff Bezos becomes the first person to ever be worth an obscene $200 billion

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How much money is enough? Well, most of us would probably be happy with an extra zero at the end of our paycheque or even less selfishly during these trying times. Just a couple of extra thousand Rands to get through the month would make life a little easier. Imagine having so much money though, that you could just afford an entire decently-sized country. So much money that you could probably live recklessly for many generations buying nothing but batman figurines, and still not find a way to get rid of all your absurd wealth.

Well, you could imagine having all of that money and it probably still wouldn’t be enough compared to how rich Jeff Bezos is right now. With Amazon’s stock performing so well currently, Forbes has revealed that his net worth has now jumped beyond the $200 billion mark ($204.6 billion as of Wednesday), making Bezos the first person to amass such a fortune. And this is after he gave away 25% of his Amazon stock to his ex-wife in the most expensive divorce settlement ever last year.

Even adjusting for inflation, no one has ever been that rich, with Forbes revealing that the nearest anyone has ever gotten to anything resembling that sort of money is back in 1999 during the height of the dot-com bubble. Bill Gates became the first centibillionaire (A person with assets worth over 100 billion dollars, pounds, etc) and had surpassed $100 billion in wealth, which accounts to roughly $158 billion in today’s dollars.

Since then, Gates has given away a fair amount of his wealth to charitable causes but is still a centibillionaire. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg has also just become the world’s newest centibillionaire with his net worth climbing to a staggering $109.1 billion in the new report.

It’s worth noting that all this wealth is not the result of raw cash, but rather the value of their stock in their perspective companies. Bezos could easily sell all of that stock right now and practically end world hunger. It’s ridiculous to think that anyone could be that wealthy, but the scary thing is that with tech stocks continuing to rise, their fortunes are all only likely to grow further and Bezos could easily surpass $300 billion in value one day.

So join me while we all collectively cry in middle-class poor, at the thought of never earning that kind of cash while other people earn a minimum wage. Come on Jeff, at least become a superhero vigilante like Batman or Iron Man with all that money, if you aren’t going to give it away.

Last Updated: August 28, 2020

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