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Logitech’s new Pro X Superlight mouse is impossibly light and incredibly quick

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In esports, speed matters. How fast you’re able to gauge danger, spot an opportunity, and react are all vital tools in any gaming competition. But so is your hardware! If you’re serious about landing headshots, then a solid gaming mouse is a necessity. It has to be durable, lightweight and sport a DPI that is so absurd that it doesn’t make sense but you want it anyway.

Currently Razer has fantastic contenders in this category, such as its Deathadder mice. This isn’t a one-horse race though, and Logitech’s looking to throw its own hat in the ring with its Logitech G Pro X Superlight. I’ve been playing with it, and the stats don’t lie: It is absurdly light, and it does so without a mouse chassis that resembles a cheese grater.


I’ll do a full review soon on the mouse, but here’s the gist of what it packs into its almost non-corporeal frame: A weight of 63 grams, wireless connectivity, a superb battery life and a bonkers 25,600 DPI range. That’s madness. “With the Pro X Superlight we pushed the boundaries of what’s possible when you combine advanced technologies like LIGHTSPEED and HERO 25K with innovative super lightweight design,” said Chris Pate, portfolio manager for Logitech G PRO Series.


Currently I’m waiting to see how the mouse performs when the Logitech software updates for it so that I can be more accurate in my assessment, but it genuinely does feel like a great piece of gaming kit. It’s light but sturdy, it has relevant functions built into it and I don’t have to worry that I’ll crush the input device in a fit of gamer rage.

It’ll be launching internationally on December 3 for $150, with a local release coming not too long afterwards. Stay tuned!

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Last Updated: June 16, 2021

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