No Vita TV for you!

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As you may have noticed, I was ridiculously excited about the Playstation Vita TV when it was announced earlier this week. A tiny microconsole that not only played Vita, PSP and Ps1 games, but is also an internet media streaming set-top box for $100? Yeah, sign me up. Unfortunately, it won’t be released outside of Japan any time soon.

"SCE will release the PS Vita TV in Japan Nov 14, 2013 and in other countries after that," Sony’s Andrew  House said during a roundtable discussion (via Tech On).

"The reason why it will be launched in Japan earlier than in other countries is that there is no leading company in Japan’s video streaming market. The company is planning to sell the PS Vita TV in China, South Korea, etc, but not in the US and European market at this point."

This saddens me quite a bit; I really was looking quite forward to replacing my WDTV Live with something cheap that also plays games and isn’t an Ouya or Apple TV.

Of course, they haven;t said it won’t head west; just that it’s not coming “at this point.” Whichever point it does come needs to be sooner rather than later.

Last Updated: September 13, 2013

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