Pokémon Go data mining reveals more hints on trading and Legendary Pokémon

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Pokemon GO data mining reveals new features

Pokémon Go might be on a numerical decline, but the smartphone title is still being enjoyed by millions of players worldwide. Players that Niantic is frantically trying to keep interested in the game, by means of incremental updates. Since their long list at Comic-Con, Niantic has only really delivered on one of their promised features. But a little digging has revealed that they’re probably closer to the rest than you think.

Redditor Cokuspocus went deep into the game’s code again, and found additional references that suggest features like trading and legendary Pokémon are busy being prepared for introduction. Data mining the files, references to searching, offering, responding and results of a trade were found, suggesting that the most requested feature since launch might be around the corner. Additional references like “activity_catch_legend_Pokémon” were uncovered too, which could mean that public events to catch legendary Pokémon aren’t far behind.

Legitimately catching them this time too.

In addition to that, new references to new items types could mean that seasoned Pokémon trainers will have a more controlled way to attract the Pokémon they need. References to items called “Item_incense_spicy”, “Item_incense_cool” and “Item_incense_floral” suggest new Incense types that attract Fire, Water and Grass Pokémon type respectively. A welcome change to the random nature of the pretty expensive incense right now.

They’re all tantalising features, but ones that have been spoken about for months now. References in code are one thing (and certainly a sign that progress is being made), but it’s not a confirmation that they’re being added anytime soon. I hope they are though, because each of these has the potential to reel me back in. Although Niantic still have lots to do on the tracking front, which still isn’t as robust and useful as it probably should be.

Last Updated: August 29, 2016

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