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The Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 may be cheaper and more durable according to rumours

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Samsung’s attempt at making a foldable phone wasn’t exactly a success despite all the hype surrounding it. Numerous quality issues around the screen, a delayed launch and an incredibly over the top price for a phone that will likely break in the first few months are not exactly going to light up sales charts. It’s not an idea that the company wants to let go of though and over the past few days, numerous rumours have started to surface about what its follow up to the Galaxy Fold could look like.  

According to SamMobile, the company could be working on a newer version that offers less storage and a reduced price in an attempt to make it more appealing to a higher number of consumers. The cheaper model will reportedly have 256GB of internal storage and will be offered alongside a 512GB model. The report doesn’t reveal what that reduced price will be, but it will need to greatly cut down on the near $2000 asing price of the original smartphone to make it even remotely appealing to the average consumer.

What the device itself will look like though is still not clear. With Samsung having so many quality issues with the original design, they will definitely need to revisit certain aspects of the screen with Bloomberg previously reporting that Samsung could also be looking into a design similar to Huawei’s Mate X where the screen folds around the outside, as a way of reducing the creasing effect.

Other leaks suggested a “front cover” display with a V-shaped notch, which suggests that Samsung may still prefer that the device folds inwards and are trying to make this happen. This new main display could be 7.7 inches or 8 inches in size compared to the original Fold’s 7.3-inch internal screen, depending on which reports you believe, and it could come with support for Samsung’s S-Pen stylus, according to The Elec. Meanwhile, Max Weinbach over at XDA-Developers believes that the new Fold will also look to reduce its chunky notch size by either featuring a smaller hole-punch notch or perhaps even an under-display one.

Whatever the new Fold device looks like, the real question that will need to be answered is exactly how Samsung intends to solve the screen problem with even their own attempt at making a glass version with their Z-Flip, suffering from scratch and creasing issues, even if it was still a little more robust than the original Galaxy Fold. Samsung seems convinced that foldable devices are the next thing and, hopefully for them, they do find an answer to this screen question otherwise the past few years would have resulted in a lot of money being wasted on trying to sell a gimmick.

Last Updated: April 8, 2020

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