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Smart Wi-Fi Retic Controller Guide – Everything You Need to Know…

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Do you feel you might be using too much water in your garden, or in other areas of your property and you would like to cut down on this? To limit your water usage and prevent water wastage, you can use a smart wi-fi retic controller. We’ll show you how that works.

Smart Wi-Fi Retic Controller
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How to Limit Water Usage Outside

One of the better ways to prevent water wastage outdoors is to use what is known as a wi-fi retic controller, says Verlek. You can combine its usage with other water-saving tips for a more environmentally friendly setup that limits water usage and wastage. 

The retic controller can limit how much water is used, working automatically to prevent you from using too much water at once. The reticulation controller lets you very precisely determine how much water is used, so you’re not sending out more water than you planned to (source). That’s a great way to save money on your water bill and make a contribution to protecting the environment (see why here). 

How Retic Controllers Function

A wi-fi retic controller can be hooked up to a rain sensor which is linked to your wi-fi. So, as the sensor picks up rain, the reticulation controller will be notified to stop sending water into your garden. This will prevent you from using as much water in your garden and avoid the problem of overwatering. That’s going to be helpful for the environment as well as for your plants, as overwatering can damage some of the more sensitive ones.

You can also have your controller monitor weather reports, which will help to modify how much water it sends out for the day. If rain is going to fall later in the day, for example, then the controller will slow down or stop watering early on to account for that. This way, there is very little water wastage. 

You can use this technology even when you are travelling. The controller’s wi-fi signal lets it link to your mobile device, so you can control it from a phone or tablet while you are across the world. 

The Reticulation Controller Advantages

Why should you have a wi-fi retic controller installed in your home? Here are some of the advantages to this kind of technology:

  • Prevents water wastage
  • Decreases water usage
  • Saves money on your water bill
  • Protects the environment
  • Protects fragile plants from being overwatered
  • Automatically modifies water usage based on weather
  • Can be used from anywhere in the world

How to Get a Reticulation Controller Installed

It’s pretty simple to have one of these installed in your home. They can be used to control indoor or outdoor watering systems and can help you to feel better about your water usage.

Last Updated: August 22, 2022

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