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Sony’s new 1000XM4 earbuds feature a more compact design

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When it comes to the newest technological trend, earbuds, there is a lot to be said about what is the best design for them. Apple’s original device seems to have landed on arguably the best format with an arm that provides balance and an earbud that fits snuggly in the ear, which is probably why they have probably seen only minor changes since their initial design.

Other manufacturers have offered different approaches, with smaller variants including a bean-shaped design from Samsung, whole other manufacturers have straight up copied Apple. A new leak from The Walkman Blog for Sony’s next iteration of earbuds titled the WF-1000XM4, showcases some big design changes in that market.

This time around, the earbuds appear to be reduced in size and no longer having the flattened pill shape. These look similar to the Galaxy Buds Pro in their overall design. There are accents around the external mics used for noise cancellation, which should help to cut off ambient noise even further. The earbuds shown feature the company’s signature black and copper/rose gold aesthetic. Interestingly, Sony has moved the logo to the side which will perhaps make it visually more appealing, but harder to now identify the brand to others.  

According to the leak, the new earbuds will also come with a revamped charging case that will support wireless charging. There aren’t any specs as part of the leak, though they claim Sony will be officially launching them in June, so details will likely only come out then. It’s a simple design, but a solid one and the main deal-maker with these earbuds will be the overall sound quality and price anyway.

Every tech company and their uncle has an ear-bud on the market these days, and I guess there are only so many designs that can go around before they all start resembling each other, which this Sony one does. Maybe it will deliver on other audio fronts when it is officially released.

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Last Updated: November 3, 2021

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