Work Avoidance Wednesday – Swing Copters

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First off, allow me to pre-emptively apologise for any inconvenience this may cause to you or your immediate surroundings. I also apologise for any damaged computer peripherals, phones, computer mice, windows, or coffee mugs that end up damaged or broken .


Today’s game to waste your Wednesday work day is none other than Swing Copter, the new game from GEARS, the same people who brought you the inexplicably popular Flappy Bird. Wait, come back! This is actually quite a bit more fun; it dispenses with that game’s stupidly large hitboxes, and the horizontally travelling bird…for a vertically moving guy with a helicopter helmet.


It’s a little more skill-based, and dare I say it, more fun. Swing Copters’ momentum-based mechanic is quite a bit trickier to get a handle on. Each tap in Swing Copters reverses the side to side movement of your character as he ascends, with the very same scoring mechanic from Flappy Birds in play.


In truth, it is essentially just Flappy Bird going up instead of sideways, but it’s terribly addictive and annoying all at the same time. While it’s primarily a mobile game, available on Android and iOS at the appealing cost of nothing, you can also play it in your browser right here, provided you have a browser than handles HTML5.

The most common score is 0…and the highest we’ve managed is 36 (MattyFig). go on, post your best scores.

Just one more try, right? Just one more.

Last Updated: August 27, 2014

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