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Here’s your first official look at the McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse action figure line

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There’s usually two types of toys that comic book fans hunger for: Cheap supermarket chunks of plastic which claim your office space as sovereign geeky land for various brands, and the kind of collectibles that justify you cracking a chair over the head of a toddler if their greasy hands get too close to something that cost you the better part of your monthly salary. I told you Timmy, I only warn a person once.

What about the middle-ground though? Can you get a decent action figure that boasts a superb sculpt for a decent price point! Yes you can! Unless you’re shopping for DC Comics collectibles that is, as their particular line-up has been kind of so-so over the last couple of years. While they weren’t bad toys, they were lacking a certain charm overall, something that McFarlane Toys is looking to restore with the DC Multiverse collector figure line.

“McFarlane Toys has kept the DC Multiverse action figure line-up and images top-secret, but today I’m thrilled to show fans, collectors and big kids, like me, the incredible range of DC Super Hero and Super-Villain character designs that our team has created just for them to bring home,” said Todd McFarlane, Creative Force and CEO of McFarlane Toys in a press release.

And you know what? I like what I’m seeing! The first batch of toys have been revealed, and they just so happen to include icons from various continuities, all given a faithful rendering in the plastic flesh. McFarlane says that each figure will boast 22 points of articulation, feature a collectable card detailing character-specific trivia, multiple accessories and a display base to boot.

Here’s a look at the first run of figures that includes:

  • Batman: Detective Comics #1000
  • Batman: Detective Comics #1000 Variant Chase
  • Superman: Action Comics #1000
  • Batgirl: Art of the Crime
  • Nightwing: Better Than Batman
  • The Batman Who Laughs
  • Batman: Batman the Animated Series
  • Superman: Superman the Animated Series
  • Green Lantern: Justice League
  • Harley Quinn: Classic
  • Green Arrow: Arrow
  • Superman: Unchained Armor
  • Batman: Hellbat Suit
  • Bat-Raptor

Not bad! It’s always nice to have a figure on your desk that you can pose without having to worry about scratching their body or permanently wrinkling their costume. Which is a very real worry for high-end figure collectors. The DC Multiverse toys will start rolling out from later this month.

Last Updated: January 7, 2020


  1. The shitstorm these figures caused on some action figure boards was insane lol. I quite like the look of Batgirl though.


    • Hammersteyn

      January 8, 2020 at 08:15

      Like what? I’d pick The Batman Who Laughs if I had one choice.


      • Mistake Not...

        January 8, 2020 at 09:21

        Oh man, they’re too big to fit with the rest of their collection, the proportions are weird, there’s too much Batman and Superman, nobody wants to build a tiny Batmobile, the styles vary wildly from one figure to the next, and a whole bunch more. I agree with some of the complaints made, but damn, people were upset. Mostly because Marvel has their own action figure line (Marvel Legends) which is great, but DC has not had anything that’s good enough for years now.


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