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Chris Columbus says Goonies and Gremlins reboot in 'heavy development'

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As I sit here pondering how Trevor is still allowed into the general population another thought crosses my mind – reboots. Most of the time they are done with the intention of making a whack load of cash, and sometimes that works nicely. Just look at the new Mad Max: Fury Road. Then of course you get the sequels that can also bring in a ton of money – I’m looking at you Jurassic World. Either way there seems to be a penchant for ‘bring back the money old’.

For years there has been the threat that someone, some ‘thing’, would dare be so bold as to tarnish memories from two movies that made a generation, those being the totally awesome Gremlins and Goonies (we don’t talk about the second Gremlins). Well according to the original movies’ writer Chris Columbus that ship is still very much afloat, as the reboots are in “heavy development” and that news makes me sad.

Speaking to Screencrush, Columbus confirmed his desire to see both movies remade and how he wants to be directly involved with that process:

The stuff that I’m involved with — the Gremlins and Goonies reboots, for instance — they would do that without me. So, I’m staying involved just so I can be protective and actually protect what people love about those movies so it doesn’t go off track.

I understand the want of a NEW director and writer to reboot a film, even two, but to have the original writer want that makes no sense to me. Perhaps with new CGI he thinks it may be better, like the remake of TMNT? At least he has confirmed the Gremlins won’t be completely different, and that it would be “the same universe, the same rules, same Gremlins,” just different decade huh? His words also go a long way to quashing rumours that a new Goonies movie would be a sequel and not a remake, something that has also been backed up by producer Frank Marshal.


To be honest I am a little tired of all these reboots. I have no issue with sequels as it adds to the story, builds on it and develops the characters, just like Jurassic Park 3, Terminator 3, Captain America: Winter Soldier. But to dig up the precious memories of watching films that were quite literally magical when I was young and reinvent them for a modern-attention deficit, hyperactive audience is sacrilege!

What do you think? Would you want to see these two movies remade or should they stay in the annuls of nostalgia and allow something new to manifest?

Last Updated: July 21, 2015


  1. Destroy all Nick’s precious childhood memories, DESTROY!


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