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Edgar Wright's THE WORLD'S END to be a zombie musical?

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The World’s End, the final “chapter” in Edgar Wright, Nick Frost and Simon Pegg’s “Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy” is busy filming right now. Now all those quotation marks in that previous sentence are there because despite it being called a trilogy, the previous two collaborations between the English trio, Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, have had nothing to do with each other besides being violent and featuring Cornettos. Which is what make predicting what The World’s End is actually about that much harder.

So hands up all of you that predicted “disco zombies” though… Yeah, didn’t think so.

While Wright, Frost and Pegg have been keeping pretty quiet about the film, except to say that it’s about a group of friends who get caught up in an catastrophic event while reattempting the epic pub crawl to “The World’s End” pub that they began when they were just teens. But mum was apparently not the word for a couple of the other actors on the production, who let some details slip on their twitter accounts. The tweets have since been deleted from the net, but not before the guys at Bleeding Cool spotted and copied them.

The first to do so was actor Thomas Matthews, who tweeted over the weekend about his involvement in the production:

“1st day filming The World’s End – suitably heading for Zone 8”

“Have no idea what I’ll be asked to do but everyone else learning dance routine. Exciting.”

Now the “dance routine” bit would have been enough to pique our interests, but then actress Courtney Cornfield completely spilled the beans with a couple of tweets:

“All geared up to be a dancing zombie . Filming the World’s End this week #cornetto

“My new book title “from cat in the hat to zombie” a mother’s tail.(I was cat in the hat for halloween and now filming as zombie)”

“@simonpegg good nigh Mr Pegg.I just got home from the school disco ;)”

So dancing zombies, hey? Cool.

There have been rumours floating around for a while now that Wright was going to find some way to tie together all three films, and this could be our first clue as to how. Could this film be taking place in Shaun of the Dead‘s zombie apocalypse world? A couple years ago, Wright wrote a feature for The Playlist about his Top 10 Favourite Musicals, so I knew that he’s a huge fan of the genre. BC also revealed not too long ago that Sophie Evans, an actress and dancer with a background in stage musicals, has also joined the cast as an “unconventional love interest” and will be doing almost all her scenes in a pub called The Mermaid.

Now all the pub names are supposedly tied into the narrative somehow, so, what? Singing, dancing mermaid zombies? Whatever the hell is going on, we unfortunately still have a long way to go before we get any answers as the film is only due for international release on October 25, 2013.

Last Updated: November 7, 2012

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