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Friday Debate – There’s just too many streaming services

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If you look at how we consume entertainment today compared to how we used to do it back in the day of even ten years ago, then online streaming has been a godsend. Once a service only available to the richest of people who could afford that sweet 4mb ADSL line, recent advances in home internet and the software used to deliver that content have made it an industry open to everyone with a few Dollars and Rands to spare every month.

I like to imagine that we all got our first taste with Netflix, bypassing the initial geofencing hurdle with a subscription to bypasses like Unotelly. And for a time, it was good! Netflix reigned supreme, we told regular television and its adverts to go suck a lemon and the options were plentiful. Y’know, until the usual corporate greed set in.

These days, everyone wants a slice of that streaming pie as they work to keep content exclusive in order to coax new viewers in. Amazon has three old men beating a dead horse with an old joke stick in the form of The Grand Tour, Hulu has more traditional TV shows available quicker and Crackle has Super Mansion (It’s rather good). I haven’t even begun to mention HBO and CrunchyRoll’s streaming options, what with Disney now knocking on the door of online entertainment.

The point is, the number of streaming services available is just too damn high.

Nobody wants a monopoly on the industry, but when you need several subscriptions for several shows instead of having them combined on one convenient platform like it used to be, and you’re most likely going to start looking at other options. More less than legal alternatives, that could see a spike in piracy again. What do you think?

Are there too many streaming services flooding the market, or is this good competition for a still nascent industry?

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Last Updated: August 11, 2017

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