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J. C. Chandor to direct Sony’s Kraven the Hunter film

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Sony is expanding on their own corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe again, reigniting plans to explore all the different villains that Spider-Man may have to contend with in the near future. With new Venom and Morbius movies already far in development, we now also have a Madame Web movie to be directed by S.J. Clarkson and a new secret project from Olivia Wilde that’s rumoured to be Spider-Woman.

One of the first spin-offs that were initially teased by Sony was that of Kraven the Hunter, but the studio never seemed to be capable of catching a suitable hunter for . Well, that last piece of the puzzle has fallen into place as Deadline has revealed that Triple Frontier and A Most Violent Year director J. C. Chandor has been chosen to helm the film.

Chandor is slowly building up a reputation for himself as a strong action movie with both those last two films built around some strong action set pieces. Something which could come in handy for this project, which is likely going to need a lot of action to do the character justice. With Kraven the Hunter AKA Sergei Kravinoff being a merciless but honour-bound hunter with a tendency to flip-flop between villain and anti-hero, it’s likely that we will need a lot of the gunplay Chandor has already shown off in his brief career.

This will easily be the biggest project Chandor has taken on though and hopefully, he will be able to use this opportunity well in stepping up into the big leagues of superhero movie making. As for the direction this solo movie will go in, things are still not yet clear. The character of Kraven initially made an appearance in the comics trying to hunt and kill Spider-Man just to prove his skill. This is something which could tie in well with where Spider-Man: Far From Home left off, and there are rumours that Kraven may have been pegged for that third Spider-Man film. If so, this solo film could either build-up to that or follow on from it further. We will have to wait for more news to see exactly what Sony has planned for this outing.

Sony hasn’t had the greatest reputation adapting Spider-Man films in the past, with more misfires than success stories, but they appear confident of what to do now thanks to closer cooperation with Marvel.

Last Updated: August 21, 2020

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