Home Entertainment Buckle up and drive safe in this trailer for THE TRANSPORTER REFUELED!

Buckle up and drive safe in this trailer for THE TRANSPORTER REFUELED!

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British accent. hushed and gravelly voice. Fast cars. immaculately neat business suit. Hoodlums. The police. Yep, that’s pretty much all of the ingredients needed to make something related to The Transporter franchise. The only thing missing? Jason Statham, as we’ve substituted the role of Frank Martin with Ed Skrein this time around. Will it taste the same? Probably, but we’ll see if there’s room for seconds.

The producers of Lucy and the Taken trilogy bring you the next adrenaline-fueled installment of The Transporter series, THE TRANSPORTER REFUELED, starring newcomer Ed Skrein as Frank Martin, the most highly-skilled transporter money can buy. The stakes are greater and technology better, but the same three simple rules apply: never change the deal, no names and never open the package.

Enh, Skrein just ain’t no Statham to me. Although maybe this trailer isn’t doing a great job of selling him as the latest fast-drivin’ hard-hittin’ professional. Filling out the supporting cast of The Transporter Refueled are Loan Chabanol as the mysterious Anna, who hires Frank and Ray Stevenson as his dad. Gabriella Wright, Radivoje Bukvic, Anatole Taubman, and Tatiana Pajkovic also star.

Last Updated: March 20, 2015


  1. So basically, somebody sat down and said “You know those Transporter movies? Well what’s the one and only thing that’s been consistently good and watchable in all of them? Jason Statham, right? Well, get rid of him!” and everybody else around the table just said “Excellent suggestion, sir!” and ran with it?


    • James Francis

      March 20, 2015 at 17:54

      I like this new guy,. He’s not trying to be Statham and seems to have a different swagger. Definitely better than the guy from the TV series. The real question is if they got rid of all the bad writing of 2 and 3…


  2. James Francis

    March 20, 2015 at 17:52

    I think the trailer isn’t selling it.


  3. Rock789

    March 23, 2015 at 07:25

    So, let’s go through this shall we… Powerful Audi with modern tech? Check. Lotsa incredible chase sequences? Check. Great European locales? Check. Kick-ass action hero? Uhm… Sorry – I just ain’t sold on Ed Skrein in this role – he comes across as, well, forced… Need to see more trailers before I’ll be willing to part with cash at the cinema to check this one out.


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