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This trailer for Malcolm & Marie is not a love story

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Covid-19 has affected the lives of many in the film industry, but sometimes it also about what you do with the opportunity afforded you that also makes a difference. For Sam Levinson, he used the extra time to make a new secret film that was based on an idea so simple that it could literally allow him to film it quite easily within the different social distancing and quarantine guidelines.

Tiled Malcolm & Marie Levinson teamed up with his Euphoria star Zendaya and John David Washington to tell the story of a couple and the highs and lows they face in navigating their relationship. A film that is not billed as a love story, but rather a story about love, as the below trailer illustrates:

The film was shot entirely on location in one big house and stars Zendaya and Washington exclusively. Something which obviously made it easy to film in the pandemic, but an idea that also runs the risk of becoming very stale very quickly with little variation on offer. Thankfully, base on the evidence of this trailer, not only is the film stylistically shot by Levinson in black and white, but the chemistry between Zendaya and Washington is strong and its clear that there is a whole lot of character drama going on here. Whether that will be enough to attract viewers and hold their attention for long enough remains to be seen.

It’s a simple movie, but sometimes it’s the simplest ideas that can lead to the most rewarding experiences. Let’s hop this is one of those dramas that can use its claustrophobic setting to bring out a whole lot of emotion.

Malcom & Marie is scheduled for release on Netflix on February 5th.

Last Updated: January 11, 2021

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