This trailer for THE LOOKALIKE has the look, but it unsettles me

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All through the ages mankind has pondered on why bad things happen to good people, and today we’re going to do the same, only swap out “things” for “movies”. Maybe that’s a little too harsh as just going on this trailer, The Lookalike certainly doesn’t look to be without merit. It certainly also looks like it could be a whole lot of trash. So basically one of those 50/50 movies that I’ll probably end up watching purely because I like the cast.

Said cast led by Community alum Gillian Jacobs, who finds herself supported by Justin Long, Jerry O’Connel and another one of Greendale Community College’s most famous students, Luis Guzman, among other. Jacobs and co appear to be involved in some kind of shady dealings surrounding a crazy gangster who tries to replace his recently killed moll with a reluctant dead-ringer, which then segues into a romantic angle before ending with a pulpy voiceover from O’Connell.

So yeah, like I said, this could go either way. Let’s hope they don’t Britta it! Check out the trailer for yourself, and see what you think.

Sadie’s death propels an ex basketball champion, a deaf beauty, an addict, and an aspiring actress into an unlikely romance and a desperate quest to appease drug lord William Spinks.

The Lookalike also stars Scottie Thompson, Gina Gershon, Steven Bauer and John Corbett. It will be released in limited theatres and on VOD on November 7, 2014.

Last Updated: October 16, 2014

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