Top List Thursdays – Top ten coolest props that you'll never own

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Dredd-3D If you’re anything like me, then you most likely have a massive love for legit movie props. You’re also most likely completely broke, because being hooked to several types of drugs is a cheaper hobby than collecting such props. Still, if you’ve got some cash to throw around, there’s an auction happening right now, where plenty such real deal merch is available for you to bid on. Here’s ten of the coolest such items, which most of us will never ever have.

Props (1) Aw yeah son. A genuine Judge suit. I judge this item to be off the chain. Helmet, badge, armour and tight leather pants. The only thing missing, is a permanent scowl and a rather bitchin’ motorcycle. Expected to fetch between  £6000-£8000, you might have to break the lawr in order to afford these leathers.£6,000 – £8,000£6,000 – £8,000

Props (2) I had the pleasure of walking around the Coca Cola Dome this past weekend in a replica of the 1989 Keaton batsuit. And by pleasure, I mean suffering hot flashes, having my eye paint run into my peepers, blinded further by flash photography, got a stiff neck and had to deal with jerkasses pulling on my cape. Still worth it! The original suits from the Tim Burton directed films are still pretty darn cool. The 1989 version is a perfect blend of comic book and reality, while Batman Returns saw a more industrial look applied to the costume. They’re going for quite a few tens of thousands of pounds apiece though. So if anyone needs some organs, I have a rather decent set of them that aren’t exactly being used right now. Trust me, Kervyn will learn to live with only kidney. And lung.

Props (3) I like to imagine Ellen Ripley as one of the all-time great leading ladies of ass-kick. But that wasn’t an overnight transformation. She barely survived the first Alien movie, and she was running for her life in the second. But when she picked up a flamethrower and toasted an entire nest of the nightmare fuel penis monsters, she went from damsel to dangerous. That’s a pretty cool piece of movie memorabilia there. Plus, It would make starting a braai that much easier.

  • John Constantine’s Zippo – Constantine

Props (5) Say whatever you want about Constantine, but the Keanu Reeves-starring film still had some pretty fantastic ideas. In terms of design, Constantine was a knockout, with props such as the holy shotgun and the entire club run by Papa Midnight. But honestly, the coolest prop around? Jon Constantine’s Zippo lighter, an engraved masterpiece that is worth making a deal for the devil in order to have.

Props (6) The scariest thing about this prop? Kervyn has expressed interest in obtaining it and using it to cement his position as the leader of The Movies gang. Which most likely means that someone is getting a cleaver to the face soon next time a typo is spotted.

Props (7) You just can’t improve on perfection. But you can make it bigger. That was most likely the design ethos behind Hellboy, and his signature firearm. And holy hell, did it look awesome. Here was a revolver that would give Dirty Harry an erection, and one that could only be handled by the right hand of doom. Another pricy prop, the Samaritan is expected to go for a demon-slaying price of between £4000-£6000.

Props (8) Contrary to popular belief, there was something fantastic that came out of the much maligned League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen movie. And it wasn’t the drugsh that got Sean Connery to agree to be in that flick. It was Captain Nemo’s custom wheels, a classy automobile that would put Count’s Customs to shame. Try it on brother.

Props (11) I genuinely hope that whoever buys Arnie’s original duds from Terminator 2, tells the auctioneer that he needs those clothes while fielding a very thick Austrian accent.

Props (9) Never in the history of man, has there been a finger this deadly. Too dangerous to pull, and devastating to behold, the finger of Death wielded by John Cleese was the doom of many a delightful dinner party. For the love of Monty Python, please do not pull this finger if you buy it. Who knows what will happen.

Props (10) James Bond may not be a stranger to using boats to get away from (INSERT MENACE HERE), but in The World Is Not Enough, he kicked that film off with a rip-roaring chase through the Thames river. It’s one of the few highlights of a rather middling Bond film, and one hell of a boat to boot! Hopefully, Q Division has left a few of the gadgets intact for this particular vehicle.

Last Updated: October 16, 2014

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