This trailer for OFFICE CHRISTMAS PARTY is meant to swing

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In what I can only assume is a case of mass-Hollywood bribery gone rife Office Christmas Party is a real movie. No, I am being deadly-career serious. Not only is it a ‘real’ movie, but stars some rather well known actors like Jennifer Aniston, Jason Batemman, Sam Richardson, Olivia Munn, T.J Miller, Abbey Lee and Jillian Bell. I can only assume the rights for The Hangover 45 were taken and so a new excuse to act all kinds of stupid had to be explored. I can imagine that boardroom meeting going something like:

Script writer: ‘We need a story for…’

Intern on phone arriving late: ‘Oh my god I got so smashed last night at a Christmas party’

Script writer: ‘You’re hired and we’ll take it!’

Maybe I am suffering from too-early-pre-Christmas decoration syndrome (it’s real I tell you), perhaps not. Have a watch. And count how many ‘falling when not supposed to fall’ moments you can count…

Well that looks… wholly unoriginal. Still, it certainly fills a certain markets needs during the crazy season and to be honest I have been a fan of T.J.Miller since Silicon Valley so it may not turn out to be THAT bad. Also, Jennifer Aniston! The Hangover Office Christmas Party will be out on 9 December, whether you like it or not.

Last Updated: November 4, 2016

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