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Another "Violent Games are Evil" report busted

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I don’t want to be mean, but it’s not as if people expect high-end journalism from the Katie Couric.  She was brought on to American TV to be young and peppy, but needs to transition into showing she has a brain in order to stay relevant as she ages.  I get it. However, she REALLY missed the mark in her reporting on violent video games, and she knows it.

In an hour-long special report, Couric explored the question “Are Video Games Ruining Your LIfe“.  In it, she focused primarily on famous cases of American shootings where the perpetrators had played violent video games.  Oh, but don’t worry – it wasn’t just that violent games will make you violent; they are also addictive and will make you lose your job, your lover and ruin your life.

In her Follow Up Friday segment, Couric admitted that 

“It probably would have been a good idea to have somebody on the other side of the debate”. 

REALLY?!  Maybe sorta would have been a sign of decent journalistic intent?  Even Fox news puts someone on the other split screen, even if that someone is a raving idiotic lunatic.

Couric defends herself saying that invitations to the Entertainment Software Association and Bungie (the game developers behind Halo) were declined.  So those are the ONLY people who might have something informed to say about violent video games?  So exhausting.

Aren’t you all tired of defending this pursuit?  We play video games, it makes us awesome – there are some crazies who also play, they were crazy before they started and will be after they finish.  When will people start blaming asinine chick flicks for unrealistic relationship expectations?  Report on that, Katie Couric!

Last Updated: May 21, 2013

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