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A new generation of Final Fantasy games are coming. No, I’m not talking about the awful mobile things we’re going to get, but the two new massive JRPGs – Final Fantasy Type-0 HD and Final Fantasy XV. Here is a new trailer for the one.

What I like about this trailer is that it shows off some story and cut scenes, as well as combat and gameplay. The game is looking gorgeous, and it’s also looking distinctly Final Fantasy. There is something about the aesthetic that instantly makes me know it’s not just an JRPG, but a Square Enix Final Fantasy one. Have a look:

And if you don’t have YouTube in your current location, you can also watch it here.

As always, the trailer is pushing the fact that Type-0 preorders will guarantee you a code for the Final Fantasy XV demo. While Type-0 looks like a fantastic game and finally grabbed my attention, I’m curious how many people will just pre-order it in order to get the Final Fantasy XV demo. Is that going to be the major selling point for FF Type-0 HD? Will the cool game because an accidentally awesome extra for them, or will they ignore it all together just to play the demo? That was my plan initially, but now I think I’m going to really enjoy Type-0, too.

I like that Square Enix is giving us a demo of Final Fantasy XV after making us wait so long for the game. I wish more publishers did stuff like this, even if it is getting pushed a pre-order ploy. Are you falling for it, or will you just wait for the full game to be released? Are you actually excited for FF Type-0, or will you just be grabbing it for the demo?

Last Updated: November 24, 2014

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