Attendance List For Halo 3 ODST Characters

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Now most of you Halo fans out there will be aware of the fact that ODST was initially supposed to be an expansion of Halo 3. But somehow the title has beefed itself up into a stand-alone game. Even the price was originally set to be of budget but thats increased too.

The game includes a single-player-campaign mode in which you get to play as various characters through different missions. It also has a full multi-player mode and boasts a new 4 player co-op mode entitled Firefight. This mode is apparently similar to Horde in Gears Of War and has you fragging wave after wave of enemies.

But enough of that, you came to see the character list so scroll on down and take a look at some of their profiles. There’s also a video in which you can see some of the characters kicking but as well as the box art.

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Last Updated: August 17, 2009