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Batman: Arkham Knight enhancements teased for Xbox Series X

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Looks like the dark knight is about to get a little bit better, as Microsoft has accidentally teased some sort of upgrade for 2015’s brilliant billionaire with anger management issues simulator, Batman: Arkham Knight. In a post on the Xbox Wire that details which games will support your language of choice, a screenshot of the Xbox Series X dashboard was used.

Nothing out of the ordinary there, but squint your eyes a little bit and you’ll notice that the tile for Batman: Arkham Knight happens to have both its Xbox Game Pass status symbol and another logo suggesting an Xbox Series X|S enhancement. Even though it was released in 2015, Batman: Arkham Knight still looks like a ridiculously handsome game in an age where 4K resolutions and 60 frames per second run-rates are the norm.

Since its launch, it hasn’t received any notable upgrades and playing it on Xbox Series X and it still runs at 900p and 30 fps. Bumping those visuals up to the standard 4K 60 fps status quo would be rather lovely and I’m not just saying that because I added an Arkham Knight figure to my toys collection that I’m desperately trying to justify for spending a silly bit of cash on.

The original game is still brilliant to play to this day. You’ve got Batman at his absolute peak, smashing criminals right in their stupid crime-faces, an amazing narrative misdirect, and the Batmobile is one of the best gameplay mechanics ever seen in a game. Listen, don’t start with that “there was too much Batmobile in the game,” you lot kept hounding Rocksteady for it to be included in the game and when they finally did so in a unique way that turned the car into an incredible fourth pillar of gameplay, you all started complaining. WHAT DO YOU ALL WANT? Rant over.

Anyway, outside of that possible upgrade that closed the curtain on Rocksteady’s magnificent Arkham series, you can expect the studio to be back in the headlines next year when Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League launches. Before that arrives, Warner Bros. Montreal will also be spending some time back in Batman’s favourite haunt when Gotham Knights releases later this year.

A brand new spin on the Batman franchise, Gotham Knights may not have a dark knight present but it still has two caped crusaders, one former boy wonder, and a surly gun-toting vigilante ready to knock a few teeth down the throat of super-crime.

Last Updated: March 11, 2021

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