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Cliff Bleszinski wants to embrace and convert pirates

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Piracy is one of the things that gets my blood boiling, there is a large group of people with this weird attitude that they don’t believe a game is worth the price tag so they’ll just steal it instead? Or you have the people who claim they don’t have any money and it’s a victimless crime so why not.

I’m not going on that rant again but needless to say I disagree. However what I disagree with more is the way the American government and publishing houses are going about trying to apprehend the pirates. Mainly because they are all pretty useless at what they do and end up attempting to sue elderly people for their 12 year old grandkid downloading movies he owns already, or suing a 20 something year old for R6 123 667 for sharing 31 songs.. 31.

Cliff is very much in the same mind with him recently stating in his EGGC keynote speech

I, for one, would rather convert these gamers into paying customers as opposed to spending federal money to track these gamers down, arrest them, intimidate them, or pass laws that could potentially limit internet freedom, thank you very much.

He then goes on to tackle an issue that is even closer to my heart, the fact that a lot of gamers at the moment see it as a competition to see who is the bigger gamer and love sending out comments like fake nerd, fake gamer girl and the like simply because these people prefer a different style of game.

Someone who plays Call of Duty isn’t less (or more) of a gamer than the guy who thoroughly enjoyed that awesome indie title that no one cared about.

More and more it really feels like there’s this us-versus-them attitude that’s happening in gaming, almost like a mini-gaming civil war. There are actual witchhunts for ‘fake nerds.’ Gamers one-up each other for nerd cred now. ‘Oh, you like your Wii U? Well I played Zelda when it was 8-bit.’

We’re not supposed to be divided like that, it’s not a competition. So this is my message to all the gamers out there: Cool it. You know we’re all gamers. If you just started playing angry birds or have that multi-sided die, we’re all gamers. Besides, I think we have enough outsiders that are railing against our industry and attacking our hobby and we should really band together, I think.

You can view his entire speech here with thanks to gamersnexus who uploaded and picked out the best parts

Last Updated: April 26, 2013

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