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Defiance–The TV series and game being made together

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There are a few TV series with game tie ins out there, the most notable being House which is an incredible TV series and is accompanied by possibly the worst game ever made in the existence of humanity.

Okay so I’m maybe exaggerating but when a show is really good you have to get the tie in game perfect else it looks really really bad which brings us to Defiance.

Defiance is a new TV show being created which tells the story of aliens coming to earth in a few years time, they bring with then an ark of sorts which contains their animals and plants from their homeworld and they crash into America (surprise) and setup a new colony.

The series actually sounds pretty fantastic but what makes this unique is that a MMO game is being created in conjunction with the series, it’s not being created to mimic the series but rather to intertwine with the story while being set in a different city, San Francisco.

It’s a risky project but at the same time there is a lot of money being piled into it and if they get it right it could be the start of a whole new era of true collaboration between movies and games.

Take a look at the video detailing it all and let me know what you think.

All thanks go to Geoff Chisnall for pointing this one out to us.

Last Updated: June 1, 2012

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