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Come play with us

Oh yeah, I give the best head shots! Hey, get your mind out of the gutter – I’m talking about my epic skills at L4D2! Tonight, you get to play with us on PS4 or PC. Remember it’s all for good fun.

Tonight at 7pm, the games kick off on PS4 and PC. The PS4 gamers will be joining Geoff and Darryn in some awesome Killzone: Shadowfall. Be sure to have added them as friends – their PSN IDs are OddSockZA and Darranged. (Geoff will be on after 8pm, so bug Darryn).)  I’m so jealous of you all – not only do you have PS4s, but you get to play games with other people using your shiny new console. I ordered mine through FNB… we’ll see if/when I get it.

For the rest of us, there is Steam. Be sure to join our Steam group and add me and Gavin as friends. We will be throwing down some awesome 4v4 L4D2. If you haven’t played 4v4, you truly haven’t played the game – it’s so much fun to play as a survivor, and then stalk your friends as a specialty zombie. I truly enjoyed spitting at our community last time.

Now, please keep in mind that L4D2 only allows for a max of 8 people in a game at once, so we’re going to try to spread the loving and get as many people into games as possible. That said, we are very new at this – I honestly have no idea how to organize it properly so that everyone gets included. We are trying to be inclusive, though, so please feel free to message me if you feel left out and I’ll try to find groups to play with. Bear with Geoff and Darryn, too – I doubt they’ve ever played with anyone else on the PS4, so there may be some kinks to iron out, too.

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For those around the world who want to join us, please do so! Here is a nifty timezone conversion tool. We will be playing at 7pm South African Standard Time (GMT/UTC+2) , so just pop our time in and it will convert to your city. We look forward to playing with you all tonight!

Last Updated: February 7, 2014

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