Duke Nukem Reloaded has run out of ammo

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Okay hands up who remembers a good aspect of the atrocious Duke Nukem 3D that was released by Gearbox studios back in 2011, anyone? Well what if the game had looked like this.

duke4 duke2 dukereloaded.1373821452

it looks awesome doesn’t it? Well this game is (was) actually in development and was called Duke Nukem Reloaded.

What’s even better is that it was going to be released for free and for nothing as a service to the fans.

However the atrocious reception of Duke Nukem Forever apparently spooked the executives at Gearbox. Then when they, the developers of Interceptor, showed them the demo they were informed that it wasn’t going to be allowed to be released.

This confused the developers at the time as they had a non-commercial agreement to create the title but the lawyers kindly pointed out that the contract allowed them to create the game but it didn’t guarantee it could be released.

The developers feel the reason the game was binned was simply because it was so much better than DNF and Take Two and Gearbox needed as many people as possible to pick up DNF to try get some cash back.

Hopefully this means that in the next year or two Duke Nukem Reloaded could well see the light of day but I would be very surprised if it was a free title in the end. I’d still pay for a good Duke Nukem title.

Last Updated: July 16, 2013

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