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E3 2012: Watch Dogs will support real time cross-play on mobile devices

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Out of all the great games that assaulted our synapses this past week, without a doubt, Watch Dogs is high up on that list. The Ubisoft title looks like a mix of sandbox gameplay with cyber-warfare and vigilantism, bundled with unbelievable visuals.

It’s an ambitious game, with high production values and ideas, which cannot be contained in just one console it seems, as Watch Dogs will also be playable on tablet devices.

Ubisoft Montreal showed Destructoid what they were talking about, with a little bit of cross-play on an iPad. An application on that device allowed them to access the exact same map from the core game, tracking targets and friends, and setting the stage for new tactics.

It’s also a social application, meaning that, given the permission, you can interfere in the world of the game that your friends are playing, or you could provide them with some assists. It sounds like a great idea, and another example of Asymmetric Gameplay, the latest buzzwords to escape from E3 this year.

All I know is, is that when Watch Dogs arrives, I’m going to see if I can crash airline traffic on top of Geoff.

Last Updated: June 6, 2012

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